Upcoming Skill Tree Revamps for the next update

The whole "Skill Points" and "Selecting Skills" will be scrapped.
You will master all skills automatically as you level up your character.

There will be no more "Skill Levels".
You will gain full use of the skill as soon as you master it.
There will be no more "Skill Notes".
Some abilities of the Skill Notes will be integrated into some of the skills,
but the rest of the Skills will not have Skill Notes abilities anymore.

There will be 2 attributes added to Special Active, Active and Buff skills.
You will be able to select those attributes when your character reaches a certain level, but you can only choose one of them.
The effect of Skill Reset Items will be changed to resetting the choice you've made.

Attributes will depend on the Skill.
Flame Gayser: "Increases damage by 40% / Cool time +50%" or "MP Consumption -20%"
Mega Slash: "Increases Critical hit chances to 100% / Decreases damages by -20%" or "MP Consumption +20% / Ignore guard and defence stats"

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